Basic Lawn Care Package

Your Basic Package includes all your landscaping essentials, including mowing and leaf cleanups. We will keep your lawn and your beds properly maintained all year-round so you don't have to! 

What's Included:

Lawn Mowing

We take pride in our mowing to make sure you're completely satisfied. Our staff is properly trained to give you those beautiful straight lines every single time. We offer weekly or bi-weekly mowing. 

Bed Maintenance

We'll make sure your beds stay weed-free without you having to lift a single finger. Your beautiful flowers and shrubs deserve to standout without those pesky weeds getting in the way. 

Property Blowing & Cleanup

We will make sure all your hard surfaces are cleared off of any debris, such as lawn clippings, keeping your driveway and sidewalk always clean.


Lawn Edging & Trimming